A Deep Dive into APM’s ConShield® Technology

The Future of Manhole Rehabilitation: A Deep Dive into APM’s ConShield® Technology

Manholes, sewage pipes, and treatment plants play an integral role in our urban infrastructure, but like any other structure, they are subject to wear and tear. One of the most significant challenges these concrete structures face is the growth of acid-producing bacteria, which can compromise the structural integrity and longevity of these systems. But what if there was a way to make these structures almost immune to bacterial corrosion? Enter APM’s groundbreaking ConShield®.

What is ConShield®?

ConShield® is an innovative micro biostatic liquid concrete additive developed by APM. It is designed to be precisely dosed during the mixing phase, ensuring that it is incorporated seamlessly into the concrete mix. This proprietary additive doesn’t merely sit on the surface; it integrates fully into the concrete mix design. The end result? Concrete structures, whether they are newly constructed or rehabilitated, which are inherently resistant to the growth of acid-producing bacteria.

Benefits of Using ConShield®

1. Comprehensive Coverage: Once ConShield® is blended into the concrete mix design, it ensures antimicrobial properties throughout the entirety of the finished product. This means every inch of the surface and depth of the concrete is rendered inhospitable to detrimental bacterial growth.

2. Permanent Solution: One of the primary advantages of ConShield® is its permanence. Traditional coatings and sealants may degrade over time due to environmental and operational pressures. However, with ConShield®, there’s no risk of it washing, chipping, peeling, delaminating, or pinholing off. Once it’s in the mix, it’s there for good.

3. Versatility: The utility of ConShield® isn’t just limited to manholes. It is also ideal for pipes, treatment plants, and other concrete structures. Whether it’s for new construction or rehabilitation, ConShield® is the go-to solution.

Grand Rapids with ConShield
Grand Rapids with ConShield

The APM Advantage

With ConShield®, APM has not only presented an innovative solution but has also set a benchmark in the field of infrastructure maintenance and longevity. Concrete structures treated with ConShield® can be expected to last significantly longer and require fewer interventions over their lifespan, which translates to considerable cost savings for municipalities and industries.

Furthermore, the assurance of quality is unmatched. Each specific mix design produced by certified pre-casters, ready mix producers, and rehab contractors is consistently, safely, and effectively dosed with ConShield®. This ensures a uniform quality and performance standard across all applications.

In an era where urban infrastructure is under increasing strain, and where maintenance budgets are always under scrutiny, the introduction of ConShield® represents a significant leap forward. It promises not just longer-lasting infrastructure but also a more efficient allocation of resources in its upkeep.

With ConShield®, APM has once again demonstrated its commitment to innovation, durability, and a sustainable future. It’s not just about building; it’s about building to last.

A Deep Dive into APM’s ConShield® Technology

Concrete, Sanitary Sewers, and MIC

By Johnny Love, National Product Manager & Linda Keairns, Editing and Graphics – Both with ConShield Technologies.

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